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Why go virtual?

The future of professional trainings: mobile, adaptable, immersive, and able to be delivered anywhere, with minimal equipment.

A range of situations can be programmed, giving participants the opportunity to prepare for a wide variety of on-the-job incidents.

IFFEN’s VR platform is the educational launching pad for easeful, efficient, cost-effective trainings.

Main advantages of virtual reality trainings
  • Reduce equipment costs
  • Master technical tasks
  • Retain information better (than text or video)
  • Prepare participants for real life situations
  • Develop efficient, cost-effective training scenarios
  • Save travel time
  • Connect trainees and trainers across distances
  • Impress clients with cutting-edge presentations
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Constitution university of the future

ART-1 Nature is our teacher

Seeking to be Nature’s master and possessor is to endorse a criminal illusion. Become students and collaborators, and humbly learn from that which knows all and gives all. We attest that we can no longer go forth in action without first consulting our body and brain, because these are the vehicles of our destiny.


Everyone, regardless of age, sex, origins or history, has the right to learn, to love learning, and to learn how to learn. Knowledge can be no one’s monopoly, nor should anyone have the power to prevent anyone else from free and open access to knowledge. The time has come to abolish pyramids of power and affirm the right to know, regardless of one’s status or abilities. Humans are all beneficiaries of the riches of the world’s knowledge.


Education is a priority of all advancing societies, because it is the engine of progress. Houses of learning will once again be what they were always meant to be, refuges. A lack of resources shall be replaced by an abundance of courses, openness and people willing to share their knowledge and experience. It is decreed that access to instruction is a fundamental right, alongside health, housing and movement as pinnacles of a stable society.


Fulfillment cannot be forced. Happiness cannot be obliged. Learning is a choice: each individual learns what one wants, how one wants, when one wants, if one wants. Autonomy and free initiative are the roots of persistent, joyful motivation. The university of tomorrow will be a space of total freedom, where each person has the means to know oneself and to discover happiness.


The best class is the playground. It is by playing that we grow, because this is the method nature has given us to learn. Unconscious hierarchies between dominant and minority groups must be recognized, examined, challenged, and abolished, making way for our shared human nature, illuminated by the power of play as a uniting educational context. Play is power.


Good grades are not our goal, but to move beyond grades all together. Our goal is this: learning as a means to greater freedom and happiness for all humans. All opposition to this objective shall be relentlessly fought with the weapons of gameplay and lightness, in order for the society of tomorrow to be founded on the ceasing of suffering and the expansion of joy. We commit to keeping the meaning of our existence always in sight.


Nature is unified and indivisible. Any learning initiative must likewise be interdependent with the whole. Education has for too long been limited by material and social constraints, forcing knowledge into rigid fistfuls of separate disciplines. The infinite relations, connections and illuminations that knowledge streams offer each other have become imprisoned in distant cells. Tearing down the walls of independent disciplines will clear the way for new and yet-to-be-invented intellectual traditions.


Experience is the ideal means of anchoring understanding in the mind and body: experience is personal and physical, immersive and memorable. Courses will be replaced by adventures, textbooks by emotional engagement, abstract explanations by stories in first-person. Multi-sensory immersion and total engagement lead knowledge past surface-level comprehension and into long-term memory. With the tools of experiential understanding at hand, each person is free to decide and direct their own educational journey.


Every training initiative finds its form by meeting its limits. The more errors in reaching it, the more solid the knowledge. To make mistakes means one has been willing to try, to imagine, to dare, to want and to dream. To be intolerant toward fault is to censor life. The player is invited to encounter errors directly, not only as obstacles to overcome but as lessons in themselves. Let us try, and try again, and triumph in the lessons of failure as well as success.


All humans share one classroom: the planet and its ecosystems that give and teach us life. By cooperating, we level up together. Joining our resources allows the creation of an educational commons that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Collaboration is a virtuous circle. By humbly offering our knowledge and resources to the commons, each person can benefit from all people’s contributions.

No uniforms here, but the one you choose. Your avatar is yours to customise and adapt. Learning is yours to claim.

Change your style.
Change your mind.
Change yourself.

Forget schoolhouse rhythms, forget tedious tests and the anxious wait for results. The game will guide you forward, step by step. Your rhythm. Your move.

Discover the radiance of the Force

Chart new territories of understanding. Here you can learn through trial and error: begin and begin again, as many times as needed. Learn in equal measure from failure and success, in total safety and security.

Through a system of continuous and supportive feedback, training games combine autonomy of exploration with expert guidance, providing a fun, personalized approach to acquiring new skills and competencies.