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Using a bit of water, wet the window (after cleaning

This weekend, Capt. Gillespie contacted me to say, I been seeing gray whales coming by for some time now, but today the sea was full of them, so much so that I felt like I had to dodge them. They were everywhere. We will reassess the impact of the pandemic on our community as we approach the Memorial Day Holiday and continue to provide updates. Letters issued earlier for designated personnel will remain valid through this extended period. Employees who may need to be on campus prior to June 1 to support critical functions, should contact their supervisor..

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Instead of popping each bubble with satisfaction, cut the bubble wrap to fit your window. Using a bit of water, wet the window (after cleaning it) as well as the bumpy side of the wrap, then just attach it to the window. The bubble wrap helps insulate your home and will stay on until you decide to peel it off, and won’t leave any mess or stains along the way..

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