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Training in vr

Trainings – tours – simulations – experiences

Creations from IFFEN-VR’s laboratories

Live the experience of sensory immersion

Memorable learning engages all the senses:
sight, sound, touch, smell, movement. Our virtual experiences go beyond the visual, testing the limits of complete immersion. Step into the virtual world—and hold on tight. This isn’t gaming on your grandma’s couch. (But she’s invited, too.) Senses are the interface between digital worlds and human experience, the intersection of known experience and simulated possibility. Confront high-risk situations, learn to manage stress, immerse your students, clients and employees in training scenarios and cooperative team building missions, communicate and collaborate across the world. Sync up an entire team, class or company within the i-Oasis virtual matrix and train together. Let the instinct of play take over: discover a lifelong learning “playground” dedicated to training games and new technology applied to education.This innovative educational foundation allows instructors to build a personalized training structure, adapted to the rhythms and needs of teachers and learners and the nature of the knowledge being transmitted. We provide the foundations, the materials, the craftsmen, and you’re the architect. What will you build... make... teach... become?


We were promised a new future: told stories, shown images, sold countless films and books. The wildest fantasies and the sweetest dreams of tomorrow were evoked and grown. And now it is here, in our hands.

The future has arrived.

After irreversibly shifting communication and transportation, the Third Industrial Revolution is transforming training.

Discover what this looks like…

Where no man has gone before
Learning by playing, narrative adventures across hundreds of near and distant worlds, personalized education based on individual analytics, modules recalibrated in real-time to respond to market demands. This is not a dream. Learning is a game. Ready to play?

Claim knowledge as your right: take your stand in the university of the future. The time has come to step beyond the burdens of the old structure. Climb aboard the spacecraft of new technology, in service to knowledge.  Let your nature drive.

The route is open. Destination: knowledge – expertise – discovery.
You decide.

Gear up for the training revolution

Training independence starts here: get equipped for the training of the future. We provide all the necessary hardware for an arcademy* in your own company or institute. Four kits with different strengths adapt to your specific training needs. We take care of everything, from delivery to installation. Each kit is accompanied with access to the i-Oasis platform, which is the launching pad to a universe of training modules. These modules range from our in-house offerings to custom trainings developed based on your specific requirements.

An accelerated training in using virtual reality hardware and virtual modules for training allows you to quickly become the master of the game. Our technical and pedagogical support is always available for additional guidance. Whether you need to emphasize flexibility, precision, power, communication, scale, or all of the above, we have a kit for you.

Create a largescale multiplayer training “playground,” with up to 12 participants (including a trainer) together in one real-world location, interacting in the virtual world. No cables, no limits.  Ideal for physical training scenarios, on-site trainings, escape games, team building, and full-body immersion with free movement

Connect up to 100 hundred participants, anywhere in the world. Each participant has their own kit, and in the virtual world, everyone is together. Lead global trainings, work-from-home in a virtual office, connect and communicate across distances. No cables, free movement within a limited space. Ideal for physical trainings involving participants around the world, trainings requiring full-body mobility, and international companies with large workforces

Easily travel with this kit. Bring the arcademy wherever you go, with virtual reality as a training support that pushes instruction and learning to the next level. Easy to setup and launch in a matter of minutes, with this kit, the virtual world is mobile and global. Ideal for demonstrations, presentations, and as a mobile training support

Create a virtual reality training room, with all equipment and modules accessible on-demand. This VR kit transforms one room into an entire universe of training, with updates and new modules available with the click of a button.


Portable backpack for free movement


Selection and interaction


Selection and interaction

Base stations

Movement detection

Pro headset

Ergonomic virtual reality immersion


Object tracking full body tracking

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