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IFFEN, 152 rue de Paris 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges – France

Phone : +33 1 43 82 59 75


We develop custom virtual reality games and experiences
Contact us with your project

We can help define the use and application of virtual reality, and develop your project into a functional, immersive, interactive virtual reality experience.
Our team includes developers, designers, writers, creatives thinkers and technical specialists.

Virtual reality = real-world solutions

What problems need solutions within your organization?
Where can training efficiency and effectiveness be improved?
How can clients see your vision?
These are the kind of the questions we’re passionate about addressing.

We developWe demonstrate educational virtual reality at exhibits and events
IFFEN rents educational VR games and hardware

Talk to us about having virtual reality training courses and educational games
as part of your show or event. We handle the setup and training.

For using our software and equipment to lead your own courses or presentations, contact us.

Total immersion, explored with vision and movement

Games and trainings are delivered with the HTC VIVE or 9D chairs which provide movement and sensory feedback.

For a selection of simulations and games available,
see Training Courses in VR.