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VR headset

Visual/auditory immersion


Hands on interaction

VR platform

Full body movement

360° view
360° VIEW

Consider every angle

3D designing

Create in three dimensions


Mixed reality digital projections

Experience revolution with vr serious games in our vr park
A decade of experience providing mechanical engineering training courses,
extended into the infinite potential of code.

IFFEN-VR is informed by over a decade of delivering on-site, in-person trainings in the fields of mechanical engineering and renewable energy.
Offering over 300 on-site training courses, with courses taught every day at the training center in Paris, IFFEN is ideally situated to develop the future of trainings and communication in virtual reality.
IFFEN knows firsthand the needs of both trainers and course participants, and how these can be uniquely served by the immersive experience and technology of virtual reality.

Play station
Play station
Oculus rift
Oculus Rift
Connect to the matrix

The matrix is a system of infinitely varying pedagogical cells. Certain cells can undergo mutations, transform themselves to be reborn in response to current events, technological innovations, and the needs of the matrix itself. These cells replicate independently and can be combined according to the programs required. They infiltrate the minds of players. Like a probiotic that replaces harmful bacteria, the matrix spreads, eating away at ignorance. The microorganisms of expertise will be able to enter into the the host and envelop, develop, and enhance their skills. The cellular machinery that makes up the modules of the matrix is thus infinite.


IOASIS is a collaborative space, an activity hub, a platform for you to meet, explore, and create your training routes and destinations. The most ambitious interconnected campus of virtual reality awaits you: i-Oasis Inclusion and autonomy are the key words of this virtual city. You are welcome here, regardless of your age, language, or history. This city of learning is open and available to all. No mandatory programs here. Explore the infinite terrain of i-Oasis, collecting training courses and skills as you go, following personal desires and professional objectives. Due to advances in technology and neuroscience, knowledge can be delivered more directly to the brain. Download, install, and acquire new competencies.

Learning has never been easier. Advanced, effective training is now available from any location, accessible at all hours of the day.


Our project is driven by a federation of forces: institutions, companies and individuals, united by shared values and visions.

The training revolution is only just beginning, and it needs people prepared to stand for change: for more fair, fun and harmonious systems and ways of thinking.

Whether in terms of media exposure, economic resources, intellectual contributions, institutional openness, person-to-person discussions, or simply a willingness to re-imagine our modern era, everyone is invited to participate in this cultural renaissance rooted in education and technology.

Our alliance stands on the pillars of sharing, autonomy, equality, freedom and cooperation. We must imitate and integrate the movement of Nature, where everything exists and interacts in total interdependence, in order to embody our own place in and as Nature.

This vision belongs to everyone, and each person is invited to plant their grain and tend the soil in the garden of a re-enlivened world.

The federation aims to nourish the seeds of this new society, in which the well-being of all is the concern of each, the tyrant of money steps back for the sanctity of life, and games mark a path to freedom.

The revolution cannot happen without consequences. The forces of the status quo will push back, desperately gripping the current system, a system which fails and abandons too many people. But our fight is not against individuals, it is against doctrines and systems of thought which are harmful and counterproductive. The battle of ideas is raging, and its outcome will determine the future for hundreds of millions of people, for generations to come. Where do you stand? Join the revolution.

As the mass media landscape is obscured by “fake news,” amplified opinions,  and market-driven journalism, we need reliable, trustworthy voices more than ever. In our society of the short-term, we are selling off the future, and expecting the next generation to pay the price. And the witnesses we need are caught distracted by political drama and endless newsfeeds.

We need frontline pathfinders, willing to see what’s happening and learn another way forward: guides and leaders with confidence, vision and an ability to transmit knowledge. Whether through journalism, art, politics, instruction, or public questioning and curiosity, the voices of a new wave of influencers is needed, willing to both listen and speak.

Our ambition is to change the training and education landscape, creating impacts to reverberate through society. Together, our impact is even greater.

How can we unite our strengths for a better future?
This is a question for us to ask and answer in collaboration—whether an individual, a company, an association or an institute. Bring your identity, bring your values, bring your battle gear. We need your help.

The platform is open to all. It is intended as a space of free expression, where each person can expand the learning available, either by customising existing modules or by developing entirely new games.

The federation needs content creators in order to define and extend the university of the future, both in depth and breadth. Dream, develop, collaborate—and share something worth learning.

Knowledge finds its meaning by being learned. New tools and training modules rely on distributors to reach their audience.

New technogies also require new training in order to make them accessible to all. Access is a key role of distributors. Learning is a right, regardless of age and ability, and our distributors help ensure this availability.

The revolution needs logistical systems and training centers. Help build the roads and halls of a new era of training and education.

The virtual reality is the future for skilled and technical training and IFFEN VR is building the path

IFFEN VR delivers immersive training courses, interactive tests and games, collaborative team building, situational simulations, technical exercises, site tours and more..

Expanding the world for your company and your clients.

Customizable, adaptable and extensible, IFFEN VR’s platform opens up a new world for your company, employees and clients. Trainings, customer relationship, internal and external communications and presentations of products, services and locations can all be done through virtual reality.

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IFFEN, 152 rue de Paris 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges – France

IFFEN-VR PARK166 rue de Paris 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges – France

Phone : +33 1 43 82 59 75


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